How to sell fast on Tohye in 4 easy steps

Shopping for Beauty & Fashion Products & Services Just Got Easier In Ghana on Tohye -Buy and Wear…Tohye! Just Thrills.

Before you become a vendor (seller) on, you have to be a registered member. Before you click the link to register, read our “How to sell fast on Tohye in 4 easy steps” Below first.

Choose the right price for your product or service you are offering – The right price is key. Basic economics shows that the lower your price, the higher the demand for the product you are offering.

Choose and upload great photos that make your product attractive to the customer.

Give potential customers very clear details in your ad. The more details you give, the more customers are likely to view your ads and store. Choose good ky words. Eg. if you are selling bridal wears for ladies use the right word for the product eg. Wedding gowns, Wedding Rings. Honesty is key.

Promote your ad to reach more customers. Promoted ads get to increase your chances of making a sale time times. Get in touch with on how we can help promote your product/services.

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