Our commitment level to ensure our site is as safe for everyone is 100%

However, we believe in taking safety precautions while trading (buying or selling) irrespective of the monetary value of the product you buy on Tohye.com

Our General safety guidelines for users of Tohye.com

  • Keep transactions safe, do not part with money without receiving and checking the product/item.
  • Always exchange the product and payment concurrently.
  • Buyers are advised never to payments part or full payment before receiving an order placed.
  • Sellers are also to desist from sending items ahead of payment. Always protect your interest in the deal.
  • Receive or deliver items in public places or safety environments such as the police station, lorry station or a landmark area in the community etc.
  • The use of common sense will help you at all times.
  • Do not fall for unrealistic product, services, prices and offers in general eg.  Super low prices for high-quality brands.
  • Don’t give your financial information.details to any buyer.seller or staff of Tohye.com. Your bank account details, eBay/PayPal info, and any other information that could be misused.

Watch out for Scams and frauds

  • Fake payment services. At Tohye.com we currently do not offer any form of payment scheme or protection.
  • Please report any emails claiming to offer such services. Don’t use  online payment services or escrow sites,
  • Fake information requests. We will verify first-time posters to improve security of the site. Contact us to confirm if you receive mail requesting you to for any personal details. As a matter of urgency, contact us and avoid scams attempts by scammers.
  • Fake fee requests. We don’t charge any additional fees to buy or sell on Tohye.com. All products sold on Tohye.com are locally present in the country and no one should shortchange you to pay import and brokerage fees.
  • Don’t use Western Union or MoneyGram when buying or selling on Tohye.com.

We believe both buyers and seller deserve 100% safety on Tohye.com top make our online platform a safe haven for us all.

Please consider the following as well.

  1. Hide your email address on your ads to prevent spams.
  2. Hide your phone number on ads if you want.
  3. We continue to improve our systems to detect and prevent suspicious or inappropriate activity behind the scenes.
  4. Tracking all suspicious activities on our site to block evil-minded persons from accessing it

How to report safety concerns

  • Report the situation to us immediately.
  • If cheated, contact your local police.